Sick Day. Or, How I Conquered The Pomegranate.


Confession? I had no idea what a pomegranate actually was until last month. For years, I've bought pomegranate flavored things without actually ever eating a real pomegranate, though I've always imagined it to be like a nectarine or a peach on the inside. Juicy, messy, and soft.

That is incorrect.

It's not like we had them hanging from trees in Connecticut (did we??) and I don't ever remember anyone I know ever eating one on the east coast. Even though I've loved the flavor in my lip glosses and margaritas, I don't think I even saw one up close until I moved to California.

See, here in San Diego, they do hang from trees. In fact, there's a pomegranate tree in the neighborhood two blocks away from me. So a couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and bought a few at Trader's Joe's. After a few minutes of contemplating whether or not to just bite right into it, I googled "How do you eat a pomegranate" and was more or less stunned at how wrong I was.

Today, I am home sick after a whopping day and a half back in the office (Little known fact: our office was the inspiration for Contagion). While I prepared a little snack for my afternoon of popping DayQuil and finishing a book on my iPad, I thought that I would help out my fellow pomegranate-phobes and make a short Intstagram video sharing my newly mastered methods.

music: tristan prettyman - "the rebound"